Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.


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Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. is a company with seat in Osaka, Japan. It is the third largest integrated steel manufacturer in Japan with three integrated steelworks and several other manufacturing plants.It is one of the largest manufacturers of Seamless Pipes and Tubes, such as OCTG and Line-pipes used for exploitation of petroleums and LNGs.Sumitomo Metal Industries was the parent company of Sumitomo Sitix until Sumitomo Sitix was merged with the silicon division on Mitsubishi to create SUMCO (Sumitomo Mitsubishi). SUMCO is currently the second largest silicon wafer manufacturer.

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Sumitomo Metals
8-11, Harumi 1-chome
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-6111
work +81-3-4416-6111
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