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For more than 20 years, the firm of Stanley Laman has offered a range of financial advisory services to independent investment advisors, charitable entities, and businesses. The firm’s key areas of focus include financial planning and investment management. Today, Stanley Laman includes a staff of more than 12 highly trained professionals and continues to be led by its founders, William Stanley and Jim Laman.

The investment division of Stanley Laman currently manages six portfolios, which provide a range of investment options for clients. The Micro Cap fund seeks high growth of principal via investment in companies with market caps below $2 billion. The Global High Growth portfolio also invests with the goal of high growth of principal, but does not place limitations on market cap, location, sector, or industry. A third portfolio managed by Stanley Laman is the Fixed Income portfolio, which invests in fixed-income securities and is tailored to clients who need to preserve capital while generating high income.

Other portfolios currently managed by Stanley Laman include the Dividend and Value portfolio, which focuses on S & P 500 companies that pay high dividends. This portfolio is designed to generate current income while growing invested capital. The International ADR invests in foreign companies and serves as against U.S. dollar investments.

Finally, via its International Opportunities portfolio, Stanley Laman uncovers opportunities in emerging-market companies which are experiencing fast growth and offer high returns to investors. These companies are not traded on standard exchanges, such as the NYSE or London EX, and often offer products and services to meet the needs of the growing middle class in their home markets.

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