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Philanthropist and former athlete Rob Rienecker is immersed in a wide range of charitable endeavors. Over the years, Rob Rienecker has become a respected figure in his Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hometown and beyond.

Robert Rienecker possesses an impressive background in sports. In high school, he proved a talented member of the baseball and tennis teams, playing catcher and competing with the Northern California section of the U.S. Tennis Association. In college, he continued to play baseball and tennis, and after graduation, he participated in various AAA fast-pitch softball leagues. In addition, he worked as an Assistant Instructor for Stanford University’s men’s varsity tennis team, serving under celebrated coach Dick Gould in the early 1980s.

Recognized for his contributions to charity, Robert Rienecker has given his energy and resources to numerous Christian philanthropic organizations. He takes part in Bill Glass Behind the Wall Prison Ministries, through which he helps inmates across America to find their faith and make a positive transition to free society. Founded by a former NFL great who entered the ministry after 10 years of playing professional football, Bill Glass Behind the Wall spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prisoners nationwide and, by extension, helps to reduce the rate of recidivism for those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Also a part of Bill Glass Champions for Life, Rob Rienecker regularly conducts seminars for inmates and currently is working to become a platform speaker with the organization.

Another group that benefits from Rob Rienecker’s contributions is Compassion International. Through this organization, he sponsors a child, Willison, who lives in Tanzania. Robert Rienecker has provided material and spiritual support to Willison and his family for the past four years.

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