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Riccardo Ippolito


San Jose, CA, USA

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California lawyer Riccardo Ippolito possesses more than 19 years of criminal defense experience. An alumnus of San Jose State University and graduate of Whittier Law School, Riccardo Ippolito began practicing law in California during the early 1990s. In 1997, he joined Valencia, Ippolito & Bowman, a criminal defense firm based in San Jose, where he serves today as a Partner and an aggressive advocate for the rights of California residents charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes.

Riccardo Ippolito represents criminal defendants in a range of state and federal matters, including sex offenses, drug charges, domestic violence incidents, arrests for driving under the influence, assault and battery cases, and theft and property crimes. His areas of focus also include white-collar prosecutions for such business and corporate crimes as tax evasion, embezzlement, and securities fraud. A deft litigator and trial lawyer, he applies his oral and written advocacy skills to defense of clients in greater San Jose at every stage of the criminal justice process, from initial arrest to final disposition, and he is equipped to handle cases of great complexity.

Riccardo Ippolito’s record as a defense lawyer has drawn a number of high-profile cases to his firm and garnered notice from the media. He has been featured in news segments on the local NBC affiliate, KSBW, among other outlets.

Mr. Ippolito participates in such lawyers’ societies as California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the California Public Defenders Association, and the Santa Clara County Bar Association. In his spare time, he enjoys attending sporting events in San Jose and beyond, particularly baseball games. An enthusiast of all things baseball, he collects trading cards and coaches Little League as well. He also finds pleasure in reading.

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