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Priyanka Chopra, the talented actress from Jamshedpur (Bihar) in India, is an upcoming heroine in the Hindi film industry. She was born to Capt. Dr. Ashok Chopra, commissioned officer and surgeon in the Indian army Medical Corps, and Dr. Madhu Chopra. Her childhood was laden with happiness and she grew up in the care and love of her relatives in a large extended family. Her upbringing in a family belonging to the army made her travel widely all over the country and exposed her to the multi cultural Indian society. Priyanka was a resident student of La Martiniere Girls school in Lucknow and also studied for a short while at Maria Goretti College in Bareilly. She completed 10th grade from Boston USA and her ambition was to become a software Engineer or a Criminal Psychologist. She considers her selection at the state level for the National Opus Honor Choir as her major achievement in the US.

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803, Karan Next to Green Acres, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri
Mumbai, 400053
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