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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for visiting :-)

Webberid is a cool website to showcase your complete on-line identity with your own personal touch and approval.

It can be used as a search engine and optimises your google search rankings to promote your own chosen weblinks and -even combined- social network posts from twitter, linkedin, facebook,... post messages simultaniously on all your connected platforms!

Thanks to webberid; you can also avoid name confusion and prevent people from being confronted with negative publicity about yourself, by offering a 'one-stop-page' on which all your relevant and personally endorsed information can be found with a single click !

Take back control of your on-line identity, get your webberid now !

Have fun on webberid, and good luck!

Kind regards,

Luc De Smet
Proud founder and CEO of :-)

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Luc De Smet does not want to share this information.

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Meise, 1860
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