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The brainchild of Michael Quoc, a former Director at Yahoo! Inc., grew out of a desire to launch innovative websites. Knoji serves as a beacon of consumer knowledge on a variety of products and companies, and provides answers to the questions people ask when contemplating a purchase, such as: Is this company reputable? Where can I find this product or service for a better deal? Are there alternatives or competitors I should consider? In addition, Knoji publishes engaging, informative articles on pets, fashion, health and beauty, travel, electronics, the Internet, and a variety of other popular topics. The site is also an excellent source for coupons for thousands of retailers.

Knoji relies on its writers and experts. The company seeks talented writers with the ability to research unique topics and write factually, with clarity and enthusiasm. Knoji screens and reviews its writers’ work thoroughly to ensure quality. Those who successfully publish four articles become “experts" and gain access to all projects and tools on Knoji. For advertisers, who benefit from Knoji’s two million visitors per month, Quoc originally worked with Google Adsense and other third-party networks, but has since built internal systems to handle advertising campaigns and relationships.

On Knoji, consumers ask questions to generate content. The site limits users to two questions per day, so they think about their postings and typically ask thoughtful questions. The detailed and fact-based answers on Knoji have pleased consumers. For example, one individual inquired about the nutritional needs of a particular dog breed. The Knoji responses came from professional dog breeders and people who work on farms. Some writers attach website links and images for further illustration. A prime site for finding information and answers to important consumer questions, Knoji continues to impress visitors as its content expands and evolves.

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