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An accomplished municipal manager Jon Roberts most recently served as City Manager of Steamboat Springs, Colorado; prior to accepting this position, he worked as city manager for Victorville, California, with a budget of over $500 million. Jon Roberts began his career as a city manager in 1999, when he was appointed to the post of Victorville City Manager by a five-member city council. Over the next decade, he encouraged economic development in the fast-growing Southern California community by attracting Fortune 500 companies and other large employers to the region, and spearheaded a plan to redevelop a closed Air Force Base, He also spearheaded development of more than 1,200 low- and middle-income housing units in Victorville, and he spurred creation of economic opportunities for women and minority residents.

In 2009, Roberts joined Steamboat Springs as city manager. During his tenure with the rural Colorado community and ski destination, he again helped build a dynamic and growing city while cutting overall government expenditures by more than 40 percent. He also expanded public outdoor spaces and he worked with organizations to bring new winter and summer events to the area.

Before working in government, Jon Roberts earned a bachelor of science in civil engineering from California State Polytechnic University. He worked in the private sector for five years before serving as a municipal engineer for the City of San Bernardino and later the City of Victorville.

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