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Gulamnabi Vahora


New York, NY, USA

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For more than 20 years, Dr. Gulamnabi Vahora has served as the medical director of International Medical Systems, Inc. In this role, Dr. Vahora manages a pathology laboratory that assists other medical professionals by performing research into the microbiology and biochemistry of various diseases. He has supplemented this role by directing the clinical laboratory of Delaware Valley Medical Systems, by founding the American Vahora Association, and by starting the Vahora Institute of International Excellence. In recognition of his dedication to leadership and medicine, Dr. Gulamnabi Vahora earned a place in Cambridge's Who’s Who.

To prepare for his career, Dr. Vahora attended Utah State University and garnered a master of science and a PhD in bacteriology and public health. During this period, he worked as a graduate teaching and research assistant in the school's departments of microbiology and nutrition and food science. After receiving his degree, he held positions with the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center, the West Philadelphia Medical Center, and West Park Hospital.

Continuing his education, Dr. Gulamnabi Vahora enrolled at the University of CETEC Medical College to obtain his medical degree. While earning this credential, he joined the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center as the director of clinical laboratories and the director of medical education. Subsequently, he completed his clinical training at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital and Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia.

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