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The Econocom group is constantly moving forward in its challenges and ambitions. Each year the group recruits across Europe and for all its businesses, employees of talent to support its growth and carry out its objectives, part of the five-year strategic plan, Horizon 2012.

Beyond qualifications and experiences, Econocom seeks to bring together involved and responsible employees, constructive and dynamic personalities, showing initiatives.

Our policy of management career enables each of our employees to build a long term career, coherent and motivating, supported by regular trainings.

In order to see our group progress and develop, it is essential that our employees share common values. Econocom has publicly upheld, for nearly 10 years, its support to core values, foundation of the company culture.

Be enterprising
Face reality
Bounce back
Be responsible

The commitment of each and every Econocom employees to these 5 values, will help us achieve the objectives of the company and will lead to its success.

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42-46, rue Médéric
Clichy cedex, 92582
work 33 1 47 56 37 00
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