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Focused on generating significant customer savings, MoveAmerica has developed an innovative long-range moving strategy that eliminates the necessity of renting and driving a moving truck, or undertaking an expensive van-line contract. MoveAmerica dispenses with the need for insurance, tolls, gas, and other truck-related rental expenses, and provides customers with options for providing their own labor or utilizing one of the company’s affordable professionals.

The MoveAmerica U-Load system involves shipments economically transported alongside commercial cargo in security divider trailers. Shipments remain safe, secure, and untouched, as they are separated by a front bulkhead designed never to shift or move. For customers that require long-term storage, MoveAmerica also provides Moving Vault Service.

The family-owned legacy of MoveAmerica extends back to 1905 and encompasses a fundamental commitment to integrity. With zero customer complaints registered in 2012, the firm’s veteran team is dedicated to quickly resolving any issues as soon as they occur. To learn more about the innovative, affordable moving services that set MoveAmerica apart, visit

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8308 Hunting Hill Lane
McLean, VA, 22102
United States
home 210-858-6816
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8308 Hunting Hill Lane
McLean, VA, 22102
United States
work 210-858-6816
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