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The Banff School possesses a long history of providing high-quality education to Houston-area students. Established in 1969, this nondenominational private institution offers a challenging liberal arts education designed to prepare students for both higher education and other life pursuits. The Banff School is able to address these goals through its team of dedicated educators, its rigorous curriculum, and a commitment to maintaining small student-to-teacher ratios.

Serving preschoolers through high schoolers, the institution combines stringent core competency standards with multiple learning opportunities. After developing cognitive and socioemotional skills in preschool, Banff students enter the Lower School, where they engage in a challenging program of basic education. They gain superior skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic and insights into the arts, science and technology, and more.

In the Upper School, which includes the middle and high school grades, educators focus on preparing students for postsecondary opportunities. Along with participating in a college-preparatory program, secondary students also work with experienced counselors on developing their plans for after graduation.

In addition to academics, the Banff School provides access to other learning and extracurricular activities. Students frequently go on field trips, participate in academic competitions, join clubs, and pursue artistic endeavors. They enjoy a variety of physical education activities and athletic events as well. The school is home to the Banff Bears basketball team and the Lady Bears volleyball team.

Located on five wooded acres, the Banff School offers ideal facilities. The property includes the original school building, which houses the Lower School, as well as the newer Upper School, built in 1991. Students have access to a spacious multipurpose gym for sports activities, dance performances, and theater productions. The grounds also include a library, science labs, computer labs, and a canteen.

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