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Antigua and Barbuda

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Davos International Bank is a global institution that employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure that client assets are safe. The company trains staff repeatedly in new techniques to protect its clients’ accounts and only hires people who have displayed the highest level of professional expertise. Because of that, large clients come back to Davos International Bank again and again.

The company has earned recognition for going above and beyond to keep clients’ accounts and business transactions completely confidential. Two of the bank’s executives this year earned the Anti-Money Laundering Certificate (AML) from the Florida International Bankers Association. The AML recognizes that recipients uphold the highest standards of security in international banking. Davos’ executives also attend various seminars and events to teach other financial service firms how to emulate their practices.

Davos International performs a variety of services for individual and commercial clients, specializing in individual, corporate, commercial, and institutional banking as well as maintaining clients’ entire portfolios. The company’s philosophy is to work according to client preference to maximize all assets and profits. The company also has a strong online banking system through which clients can constantly check their accounts and make changes themselves. The company’s practices ensure that the highest level of security also protects these online accounts.

More information is available at www.davosbank.com.

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Antigua And Barbuda
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