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Ontario, Canada

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Allmet Roofing, a member of the Metals USA family of companies, creates high-quality roofing products for use in home construction and renovation. Allmet’s innovative design combines the strength and light weight of metal with a stone coating that increases durability and aesthetic appeal.

The style options available from Allmet Roofing offer the contractor, architect, or homeowner significant variety along with longevity, efficiency, and attractiveness. The company’s stone-coated roofs comes in five different styles made to mimic other popular materials such as wood shake, shadowline, asphalt, and terracotta. Further, customers can choose from a number of different color shades within each different style to individualize a home’s profile.

The company constructs both the individual metal shingles or tiles and the entire roofing system, allowing for consistency in construction and appearance. Allmet Roofing also produces the corresponding flashing and trim components in all styles and colors.

Contractors and installers who are interested in making the company’s product line available to customers are given in-depth, hands-on training in the use and assembly of their materials. Architects also are encouraged to consider incorporating the company’s system into future designs.

At approximately 1.25 pounds per square foot, Allmet’s products are significantly lighter than any of the other options available; asphalt shingles can weigh between three and four pounds per square foot and concrete tile as much as 15 pounds per square foot. This light weight, however, is also tough and weather-resistant.

Rated to withstand hailstones of up to 2.5 inches in size and wind gusts of up to 120 miles per hour, the Allmet Roofing system provides ample protection that can last a lifetime. Visit to learn more.

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