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With a focus on fusion cooking inspired by global travels, culinary enthusiast Nisira Teanbutr spends time studying gastronomy, the art and science of eating. Teanbutr has completed trips to a range of international locales, including Thailand, Vietnam, England, and Italy. Nisira Teanbutr enjoys preparing a variety of ethnic foods, especially dishes that originated in countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Nisira Teanbutr cooks fusion dishes that bring together the culinary customs of at least two places. While diverse cultures have joined tastes and flavors together since ancient times, modern fusion cuisine garnered popularity in the 1970s in France, when chefs began adding Asian flavors to recipes. Soon, kitchens in cities throughout Europe as well as metropolitan coastal areas of the United States caught on to the trend. Teanbutr’s travels to these regions provided firsthand opportunities to experience many fusion recipes combining regional flavors.

Examples of Asian and European fusion include adding Japanese wasabi to traditional French meat sauces; substituting French haricots verts for green papaya in Thai papaya salad; and filling Vietnamese spring rolls with Korean ingredients, including kimchi and kalbi.

In addition to traveling and cooking, Nisira Teanbutr is an enthusiastic reader, considering notable authors, including Charles Dickens, Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Nabokov, and Edgar Allan Poe, favorites. In addition, Teanbutr appreciates a variety of independent and documentary films, including Crumb; Alone: The Brain, Sensory Deprivation and Isolation; Children of Beslan; and Charles Manson Superstar. Teanbutr is a supporter of arts and charitable organizations, including the Museum of Modern Art, National Public Radio, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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