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Investment Advisor Representative Robert Tonkin applies time-tested investment strategies toward building wealth for his clients and their families. A Senior Vice President of Arbor Investment Management, Inc., Robert Tonkin works with the privately held firm’s office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With approximately a quarter-century of industry experience, Mr. Tonkin previously served as a Portfolio Manager and Second Vice President at Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley Wealth Management). He also operated as a Resident Manager for Merrill Lynch.

Robert Tonkin utilizes Arbor Investment Management’s investment philosophy to create strategically diverse portfolios specifically designed to meet clients’ long-term financial objectives and to uphold their personal and professional values. Using a valuation-based approach, he and his colleagues find a suitable balance of risk and reward in long-term investments and avoid temporary, and often volatile, asset bubbles and market fads.

During the research and selection process, the team at Arbor screen all major industries and geographic areas to identify prevailing trends and cycles. They also monitor valuation levels across industry-specific sectors and conduct comprehensive, bottom-up research into the potential of leading corporations. On the portfolio management side, Mr. Tonkin determines target asset allocation based on client criteria, structures portfolios to meet financial goals and investment time horizons, and maximizes tax efficiency by allocating investments between taxable and tax-deferred accounts and carefully administrating gains on the former.

Outside of the office, Robert B. Tonkin maintains a long history of community involvement and philanthropic service. A Grand Knight of the Bishop Seghers Council of the Knights of Columbus, he regularly donates his time and resources to his local Catholic congregation. Robert Tonkin also helped found Raincountry Flyfishers and has taught youth how to tie flies through 4H.

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