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After spending two years and most of his savings funding the development of an effective, pleasant-smelling pain relief cream, Bejan Esmaili faced the daunting challenge of promoting his product in a marketplace dominated by large pharmaceutical corporations. At the time a financial professional in the San Francisco Bay area, he had many professional athletes for clients, and they sampled his new product, called Flex-Power. Using those connections, Bejan Esmaili employed a grass-roots strategy, marketing Flex-Power directly to athletes and their teams.

In the decade since Flex-Power’s introduction, Bejan Esmaili’s product has become a staple in the locker rooms of many college and professional sports teams, and about two dozen professional athletes, including Stephon Marbury, Jason Kidd, and Manu Ginobili, have invested in the company. Flex-Power is revolutionary for two reasons: it is pleasantly scented, and it uses liposome nanotechnology to deliver its active ingredients, anti-inflammatory agents, directly to aching muscles and joints. These two features were the reasons Esmaili developed Flex-Power in the first place: to develop a product that would deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to affected areas, bypassing the digestive system and eliminating potential organ damage associated with oral anti-inflammatories, without the overpowering aroma of most sports creams.

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