William Ekeroth

William Ekeroth


Dallas, TX, USA

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Trained by John Morris, one of the producers of Woodstock, William Ekeroth later worked with Concert Promotions International. He produced concerts throughout most of the 1990s, working with some of the top entertainers in the world, including the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Sting, Chicago, Prince, and Metallica. He also handled marketing and special events for many of the Dallas Cowboys, such as Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Tony Dorsett, Jay Novacek and Tony Hill; Ekeroth also coordinated a nationwide charity basketball games for the Dallas Cowboys against other NFL Teams, including an event that was attended by nearly 7,000 people. Today, as owner and President of AXXIS Sports & Entertainment, based in Texas, William Ekeroth provides event production, management, and creative services as well as sports management.

With personal and business relationships with a number of top personalities, including John Travolta, Shaquille O’Neal, Jeremy Piven, Holly Madison, Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, Jim Carrey, and Jenny McCarthy, William Ekeroth understands the celebrity world. For professional football and basketball players, he provides personal assistants, fan-mail management, and event access. William Ekeroth also arranges vacation travel, personal appearances, promotions, speaking engagements, licensing, and community events. He assists in establishing and managing charitable foundations and finds national and international sponsors as well. Additional services include merchandising, public relations, and website development, product endorsements, trading-card contracts, sponsored trips, and other benefits.

Utilizing skills honed earlier in his career, William Ekeroth produces high-profile events through AXXIS. He devised and developed top Super Bowl Parties, such as Saturday Night Spectacular, Leather and Laces, and The Cowboy Gathering. In addition, William Ekeroth partners with Deja 34 to handle Shaquille O’Neal’s nationwide Event marketing.

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Dallas, TX
United States
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