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Pastor Geneve is a dealer in rare colored diamonds based in Geneva, Switzerland. The firm, established in 1991, prides itself on the level of expertise represented by its advisory board, which consists of members with respected scientific and technical credentials in the diamond industry. Thanks to the knowledge of the firm and its advisory board, clients of Pastor Geneve are able to gain valuable insight into the benefits of owning rare colored diamonds.

The ownership of such diamonds provides clients with numerous benefits. Pastor Geneve diamonds are fine examples of the most concentrated form of wealth in the world. A portfolio of colored diamonds is easy to transport and there are no governmental regulations for disclosure or registration. Another reason collectors choose Pastor Geneve colored diamonds is that they consistently maintain their value relative to other assets. The price stability of these diamonds holds true even in the worst economic times because of their irreplaceability and potential for long-term growth. The firm also offers its clients essential rare gem services, including a secure shipping process that services all destinations through reputable diamond couriers, in addition to a liberal return policy and tax-free storage in Geneva, ensuring privacy and discretion for clients.

Stephen Hershoff, Senior Executive Consultant of Pastor Geneve, has over 40 years of experience in the diamond and precious stones industry. He is an accomplished speaker and author on the subject of fine gem investments. Stephen C. Hofer, a personal advisor to Pastor Geneve and the firm's suppliers, is among the world's leading experts on color measurement in fancy colored diamonds. He is an accomplished diamond cutter and the author of Collecting and Classifying Colored Diamonds, an 800-page reference book.

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