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DealDash is a fair and fun penny auction website. In a penny auction, people vie against each other for an item by placing bids that they have purchased beforehand, generally in bulk. Since many people spend bids on a single item, DealDash can afford to auction the item for much less than it is worth. On many penny auction websites, it can be difficult to hold the auctioneer accountable if something goes wrong. However, DealDash is the exception, and has been given votes of confidence by its 300,000 satisfied users.

DealDash goes one step further in reassuring users that they are not being defrauded. For every item auctioned on the website, there is a “Buy It Now” option for those who participate in the auction but do not win. This option allows users to purchase the item at the regular retail price. The function also refunds the bids that DealDash customers expended trying to win the auction.

Although clients can be sure they will not lose money on DealDash, they may need to brush up on their bidding strategies if they want to win auctions and really save money, rather than essentially using the website as an alternative place to purchase items at the regular retail price. To do this, users are advised to observe several DealDash auctions before participating. They should also take advantage of opportunities to buy bids in bulk at reduced prices. It is not difficult to become a savvy DealDash customer, however, and the company is happy to report that eight out of 10 users win auctions.

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