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Career officer and investigator Jeffrey Haire launched his lifetime of work in law enforcement at San Diego State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. He worked for five years with the San Diego State University Department of Public Safety.

While an undergraduate, Jeffrey Haire did volunteer work for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego and helped raise several thousand dollars for UNICEF.
Following his graduation, Jeffrey Haire accepted the position of police officer with the City of Torrance (Los Angeles), working in a variety of patrol capacities. Acting as a Field Training Officer (FTO), he trained police academy graduates in patrol duties during their first year on the job.

In addition, Jeffrey Haire pioneered the Community-Based Policing philosophy for the Torrance Police Department. He also taught in-house courses on mental health issues for his fellow officers and revised the department’s training manual to include a discussion of mental health issues and responses.

Some of his most successful efforts involved work with local school students. In collaboration with Torrance Elementary School, for example, he initiated an Adopt-a-Cop mentoring program. Jeffrey Haire received commendations for reducing gang violence and saving lives in Columbia Park, North Torrance. While he worked for the Torrance Police Department, Jeffrey Haire obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. During his studies at Pepperdine University, he concentrated on psychoanalysis, attachment theory, and personality disorders, and his research culminated in projects on alcoholism among Native Americans and the effects of media coverage of terrorist events.

Jeffrey Haire also had a rigorous year-long internship as a Marriage and Family Therapist at Airport Marina Counseling Service. Over the course of his graduate studies, he maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.95. Mr. Haire’s psychology background enabled him to perform the duties of Peer Counselor with the Torrance Police Department Trauma Support Team. Later, Jeffrey Haire worked as a Revenue Officer for the Internal Revenue Service in El Segundo.

Most recently, Jeffrey Haire served as a law enforcement consultant.

Jeffrey Haire has written articles concerning of crime analysis, psychology, and policing in Colombia and Mexico. A frequent contributor to Latin American news journals such as "Colombia Reports", he composed a 2010 article titled, "Building rule of law is the key to Colombia's transformation,” and in 2009 authored a feature in the "Daily Breeze" newspaper called "Viewing local crime through broken windows." A strong proponent of ethical policing and community-based policing, Mr. Haire writes frequently about reducing a community's fear of crime through the development of community policing strategies. He is an expert on the "Broken Window Theory" of urban decay".

Jeff Haire wrote the essay,"Politics compromised the protection of US diplomats in Benghazi", for the Canada Free Press on October 13,2012. This well-regarded article analyzed the US State Department's political considerations which contributed to the deaths of the US Ambassador and three other Americans.

Jeffrey Haire earned a BS in Criminal Justice Administration from San Diego State University (SDSU). While at SDSU, he participated on the 1985 Intramural School Championship softball team, which he also managed. During this period, he directed a UNICEF international charity event, was chosen as one of only 28 SDSU Ambassadors in 1985 and 1986, and garnered the 1986 honor of "Man of the Year" by his colleagues in Alpha Tau Omega. After graduating from SDSU, Mr. Haire eventually transitioned to Pepperdine University, where he completed an MA in Clinical Psychology and joined the Psi Chi honor society.

Jeff Haire maintains a rich personal life. An avid athlete, he loves to run in the soft sand. He created the "PLISS" workout, or "prolonged low-intensity soft sand" technique for building cardio strength and burning calories. He is an avid fisherman and proponent of light tackle, catch-and-release surf fishing. He has fished across South America, Mexico, and Asia. More locally, Jeff Haire fishes in the surf zone between Avenue D and Sapphire Street in Redondo Beach.

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Los Angeles, 90011
United States
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Jeffrey Haire
Los Angeles, 90011
United States
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