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Since 2009, Ron Porzio has advocated for the rights of military veterans to comprehensive health care benefits through his firm, Porzio Consulting. As the company’s President, Ronald Porzio utilizes more than 20 years of experience in the health care administration sector to help organizations and individuals navigate the intricacies of the health care industry. Ron Porzio works with both veterans and injured active duty armed forces personnel who qualify for military benefits.

Prior to founding his own consultancy firm, Ron Porzio spent the first decade of his career serving as the Director and Chief Operating Officer of a United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center in the Northwest. In this position, Ronald Porzio spearheaded a regional market research project in collaboration with Gallup, Inc., and Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., a consulting firm. Additionally, Ronald Porzio helped introduce a number of improvements in patient care during his tenure with the center, including initiatives that allowed veterans to choose their individual health care providers, decreased wait times to 20 minutes, and increased the number of treated patients by 15 percent. Moreover, 97 percent of surveyed patients reported that the care they received was good or excellent.

In 2003, Ron Porzio entered the private health care sector, fulfilling the role of Director of Edgewood Regional Health Center in New Mexico for two years. He then relocated to the Seattle area to serve as the Administrative Director of the Swedish Medical Center for the next five years. As Administrative Director, he oversaw physician practices at the hospital’s multiple campuses and managed the center’s Mother Joseph Clinic, which offers care to individuals who are underinsured.

When not at work, Ronald Porzio enjoys writing music and has performed with numerous bands over the last four decades. He also plays regularly for troops at the USO Sea-Tac Center in Seattle.

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