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During his long career with the Edison Division of Police in the township of Edison, New Jersey, Alex Glinsky achieved a reputation for his ability to control high-stress situations and build strategic alliances, as well as for his shrewd administration of limited resources. He earned Certificates of Commendation for a variety of achievements, including his life-saving response to victims in a burning apartment complex, crowd control management in a potential riot, and the arrest of suspects during the investigation of a substantial narcotics ring. For close to 25 years, Alex Glinsky sought to establish mutual respect between the public he served and law enforcement officials.

Having begun his career with the Edison Division of Police in 1986 as a Patrol Officer, Alex Glinsky worked his way up the ranks to Sergeant of the Detective Bureau, a position he held until his retirement in 2011. He enhanced his experience and training through dozens of job-related courses. In addition to courses related to such law enforcement skills as leadership and supervision, criminal investigations, and post-shooting trauma, Sgt. Glinsky trained at The Specialty School on White-Collar Crime and completed the New Jersey Certified Public Manager Training Program.

Alex Glinsky holds a Master of Arts in Human Resources Training and Development from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Alex Glinsky maintains well-established affiliations with law enforcement officials in local, state, and federal agencies. In addition, he remains active in professional organizations for law enforcement officers in New Jersey and New York.

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Edison, 08837
United States
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