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Hello Everyone!

Many thanks for visiting

Webberid is a cool website to showcase your complete on-line identity in less than a minute!

Complete with your own personal touch and approval.

It can be used as a search engine to promote your own endorsed weblinks and social network posts.

As such, it can be a very interesting tool, not only for recruiters but for everyone trying to get to know who you are and what you stand for.

You can aslo post and view messages simultaniously on all your connected platforms!

Thanks to, you can also avoid name confusion and prevent people from being confronted with negative publicity about yourself on other search engines.

When you offer a clear overview with all your relevant and personally chosen information; you drastically lower the chances that someone will continue to search the entire internt for more information which might not have your endorsement. Since they already have everything which you deem relevant available at their fingertips on your webberid...

And even if someone still finds any 'negative' information, at least they will be able to put in into perspective thanks to your own provided neutral or positive data.

So take back control of your on-line identity, don't hesitate and create your own webberid for free.

Have fun on webberid, and be free!

Kind regards,

Luc De Smet

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Luc De Smet does not want to share this information.

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The Force bvba
Roodborstjeslaan 22/B2
Meise, 1860
work +32 (0)2 669 33 00
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