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Travertine Locator delivers product solution for your swimming pool and flooring needs. They focus more on flooring products made of travertine and marble as these materials offer high quality of durability along with slip resistant and break resistant property that lasts with any weather condition.

Company Overview:-
Travertine Locator was formed in 2003 houses one of the best travertine and marble tiles that are located around the world. They make sure their customer gets the best quality product in the market. This encourages them to import these tiles from varied places including Turkey, Asia and Europe. They offer the almost all the range of products including tiles, pavers, pool coping and many more that are required for building a swimming pool or your interior space.

Their Scope of Operation includes 200,000 sq ft of combined property for storage and fabrication and over 17000 sq ft of showroom space to display full size samples and mock ups of ” floors, walls, entry, stairs, counter tops, bathrooms and kitchen scenarios in all colors, shapes, textures and sizes. Their aim is to service their customers with world quality travertine and marble products including travertine pavers, travertine tiles, marble driveways and many more for interior and exterior applications.

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4903 W. Hanna Ave.
Tampa, 33634
United States
home 813-514-6120
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