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Florian Leibert is the founder and CEO of Mesosphere, Inc., a San Francisco company that has developed a unique, new Datacenter Operating System (DCOS), which encompasses the full range of computers linked to the cloud and a datacenter. Florian Leibert and his team utilized the Apache Mesos open-source technology to allow developers to focus on the creation of a new class of “always-on” application software that operates across a coordinated system of servers within a datacenter. Enterprise-grade security is built into the distributed systems kernel, with the Mesosphere DCOS efficiently automating standard operations.

Flo Leibert previously spent two years as software engineer with Airbnb and organized the data infrastructure team that built the firm’s full range of analytics products. He created the ETL scheduler Chronos, which is used in running batch processes. Mr. Leibert also developed the cluster-wide control system Marathon, which runs tasks within Docker containers and cgroups. Mr. Leibert’s personal interests extend to programing, as well as finance and equities trading.

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