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A longtime senior executive, Surbhit Dabriwala spent many years as an organizational leader with IGE Pvt. Ltd. Initially promoted by General Electric USA and incorporated as General Electric Company (India) in 1930, IGE India began as a provider of products and services for GE businesses without adequate representation in India. Under the strategic guidance of leaders such as Surbhit Dabriwala, the company had begun expanding its service offerings to include payroll processing, secondment of employees, leasing of commercial and retail space to multinational corporations, and training services in Six Sigma and GE Leadership skills.

In the early 2000s, Surbhit Dabriwala played a central role in the sale of the IGE stake to joint venture partner FANUC Japan. As a result of the sale, the new joint venture opened offices in manufacturing hubs throughout India and divided its operations into a Robot Department and Robomachine Department.

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