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Nexus ICT Consulting is an upstart, focusing on creating sustainable ICT infrastructures. We refer to this with the term – ECOnsulting, effectively creating a balance between ECOnomical and ECOlogic ICT. Founded in 2010 by ICT-minded people, having years of experience, we can guarantee an ECO-friendly overhaul of your Datacenter. With Nexus ICT Consulting, we want to help change your company's ICT infrastructure by using the latest technologies, while boosting its efficiency. In turn, this will ensure a higher ROI while maintenance and power costs will go down. At Nexus ICT Consulting, we are proving that being green shouldn't cost more than a traditional infrastructure.

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Nexus ICT Consulting
Peter Benoitstraat 28
Zwevegem, 8550
work +32 474 909 259
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