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London, UK

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How Padel Bats Work

The padel bat somewhat resembles a tennis racquet, though these bats lack strings. Often, they have some form of perforation to make them more aerodynamic. They consist of a profile, which is usually made of some kind of fibreglass substance, as well as a core, which is usually some kind of rubber. The surface is the other component, and the materials used to make up the bat can make a big difference in how strong the bat is, and how powerful the bat is when it connects with the ball.

Different padel players will use bats of different weights, depending on what is most comfortable. Some players prefer a lighter padel for faster speed, while others prefer a heavier one for more power. It is a good idea to play at the maximum weight a player feels comfortable using, as it will make shots better and be better for technique. David Rycott Slideshare posts have other valuable tips about selecting the right padel tennis bat depending on a player’s age, weight, size and skill level.

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