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Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. His experience in the technology industry includes founding Saber Holdings Inc. in 1997. The company offers software development and technical engineering, and it provides software to state governments. The company was sold 10 years after its creation to EDS Corporation for $460 million.

Mr. Khanna is currently the CEO of MergerTech, a technology investment company that specializes in working with small business owners when selling to both national and international buyers. Founded in 2009, the company was comprised of a team of technology and banking professionals. Mr. Khanna’s most recent and notable sale with MergerTech involves the Spain-based BBVA bank purchasing online start-up company Simple. The estimated price of the sale is $117 million.

In his spare time, Nitin Khanna enjoys supporting the Classic Wine Auctions organization. The group raises funds for local charities in his community that are dedicated to caring for children and families.

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