Dr. Thomas Diekwisch

Dr. Thomas Diekwisch


Chicago, IL, USA

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As a professor and head of the Department of Oral Biology in the College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Dr. Thomas Diekwisch leads research into various aspects of evolutionary biology, tracing the development of tooth enamel, periodontal ligament, and other key components of mouth and jaw anatomy and physiology. Part of the UIC faculty since 2001, Dr. Thomas Diekwisch also runs the Brodie Laboratory for Craniofacial Genetics, where he studies the effects of stem cell and tissue engineering on oral tissue regeneration and develops the next generation of dental treatment methodologies. In recent years, Dr. Diekwisch has published his findings in several prestigious medical journals, including Stem Cells and Development, PLoS Biology, and Bioessays.

Before UIC, Dr. Diekwisch taught at Texas A&M University’s Baylor College of Dentistry, where he will be returning by the end of 2014. He also worked as a postdoctoral fellow in craniofacial biology at the University of Southern California. Dr. Diekwisch earned PhDs in philosophy and anatomy and a DMD from the Philipp University of Marburg. He also worked as a lecturer and research associate at the Philipp University.

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