House of Prayer Hinesville GA

House of Prayer Hinesville GA


Hinesville, GA, USA

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House of Prayer Christian Church provides a strong spiritual center for people living in the greater Hinesville, Georgia, area, offering Christian worship services, prayer meetings, and weekly Bible study sessions. Through the House of Prayer Christian Church Bible Seminary, individuals can study Scripture and learn true righteousness and holy living in a corrupt world. Students are shown and taught how to read the Bible, believe in God and obey Him, and to see miracles take place and the Word come to pass as it says. They are taught how to rely on God for their needs and not seek after money in this world.

Many of the parishioners at House of Prayer Christian Church also engage in a range of outreach work, including missionary initiatives. Recently, three members traveled to India, where they interacted with local preachers and Christian communities. In Mumbai and Chennai, the missionaries led groups in prayer and engaged in a number of preaching opportunities. The House of Prayer congregation works closely with individuals before they leave, ensuring that they understand the goals of a trip and how to follow in the footsteps of Christ’s apostles. Upon returning to Hinesville, the missionaries to India shared their experiences with other parishioners, inspiring them to consider similar initiatives in the future.

In the near future, House of Prayer Christian Church plans to significantly expand its programming by creating radio broadcasts, engaging in prison ministry, and helping individuals who struggle with homelessness in Hinesville. Members also hope to work with people in the hospital, sharing their message of hope and comfort.

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