Chem-Plate Industries

Chem-Plate Industries


Elk Grove Village, IL, USA

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Chem-Plate Industries serves the plating and heat treating needs of clients throughout the United States in the construction, automotive, and transportation sectors. The firm’s barrier coatings protectively cover steel components and are applied through electroplating, mechanical plating, and thermal diffusion techniques. Chem-Plate Industries also offers “sacrificial” corrosion protective coatings that are designed to corrode fully before the underlying steel is exposed to corrosive elements.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois-based Chem-Plate Industries has been led by owner and founder Martin Straus since the late 1970s. Gaining metal finishing experience during his high school and college years, Martin Straus engaged in R&D projects at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including the shielding of a Mercury Space capsule. Moving to Chicago in 1972, he assisted 3M Corporation in starting up a new plating department that pioneered acid chloride zinc plating processes. Today his son Aaron Straus is responsible for many of Chem-Plate Industries’ operational supervision functions. In the past several years, Aaron Straus has led the establishment of a new mechanical plating department and managed one of the firm’s three facilities.

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Chem-Plate Industries
1990 E Devon Ave ,ElkGrove Village,IL
United States
work +1 847-437-7597
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