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Institute of World Politics


Washington, DC, USA

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With a campus located blocks away from the White House in Washington, DC, The Institute of World Politics strives to provide quality educational opportunities to those interested in the field of political strategy. Whether a student is interested in obtaining a Master’s degree or a certificate, The Institute of World Politics provides a wide array of opportunities. In addition, the school strives to meets the needs of those interested in continuing education or independent study in the field of statecraft.

The Institute also offers programs for those in the defense and intelligence fields. Through partnerships with organizations such as the United States Naval War College, the Institute provides high-quality learning opportunities that aid in the understanding of national and international security issues.

The Institute offers an impressive list of courses that appeal to a wide variety of interests and specializations. For example, a student may enroll in Economic Statecraft and Conflict, Immigration and National Security, Cyber Statecraft, and many more.

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United States
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Institute of World Politics
1521 16th Street, NW
Washington, 20036
United States
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